Coding Coach: Mission

Sponsorship Driven Open Education (SDOpE)

Hello 👋 and thanks for stopping by!

I am an educator, researcher, computer scientist, and an open source practitioner. I am passionate about creating accessible high quality educational Computer Science content. Meaningful educational experiences are hard to scale. Attempts to deliver complex educational content without including practice, community, and feedback are not likely to be successful. As an individual whose life has been transformed by my own education, I have made it my mission to help provide every opportunity I can to others.

The reason that online education does not usually include community, resources, and feedback is that they are hard to scale. They are expensive to create and implement, both in time and capital. By sponsoring my efforts you gain direct access to these resources and additional content. You also will help fund development and keep the content freely available for everyone. Remember, all of the code is available through the videos, by sponsoring you are gaining direct access through GitHub to source code and additional resources beyond those covered in the videos. Once my goal has been achieved these direct and additional resources will be made directly available to all.

I call this model Sponsorship Driven Open Education. 🏫

Methods to support: There will be 2 primary ways to support my work

Source code benefactor:
  1. Those willing to support will be granted direct access to the source code repositories for the series they support monthly (Robotics, Architecture, Software Development, etc).
  2. Once the sponsorship of the series reaches its goal, source code will be made available to everyone. Source code will be released under a Creative Commons Free Culture License, Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International :
  3. Supporters will receive exclusive access to additional resources (additional examples and implementations, tuning examples, guides).
  4. Supporters may be given special recognition on our website unless they choose to have their contribution remain private (You select the option when donating).
Direct Engagement:
  1. Opportunities to have personalized sessions, take group workshops, projects and enrichment activities that are supervised and graded
  2. More information to come.

You can also make a small one time donation just to say thank you!

Please follow the GitHub Sponsorship link to become a benefactor!

Sponsorship Link